Rasheed criticises govt order asking employees to donate 1-day salary to Kerela flood victims

By reader

September 13, 2018

Srinagar: The Awami Ittehad Party (AIP) chief Rasheed on Wednesday criticised the state government’s order asking its employees to donate one-day salary towards Kerala flood victims, and said the administration should have instead made an appeal to its workforce and the general public to donate the amount of their will for the noble cause. Appealing the government to revoke the order, Rasheed in a statement said, “No one other than Kashmiris can better feel the pain of flood hit victims of Karela, but may state government answer that how many Indian states directed their employees to donate one day’s salary towards flood hit victims of Kashmir in 2014.” “While J&K Bank and other government controlled institutions have already donated huge amounts for Kerala flood hit victims, but not even a single penny has been given to the cloud burst victims of Tangdar so far,” he said. AIP chief said that the government has no moral or legal justification to ask its employees to donate one-day salary towards the flood victims. “Four years have passed after 2014 flood in Kashmir,” he said, “thousands of affected families are still running from one office to another seeking for relief.” Rasheed asked the government to withdraw its order and leave it to the conscience of government employees to help the flood victims of Kerala.