CS urges people to pay taxes for state’s welfare

CS urges people to pay taxes for state’s welfare
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‘Taxes reach back to people as facilities’

SRINAGAR: Chief Secretary B V R Subrahmanyam on Wednesday said that governments are run on taxes and urged the citizens of the state to pay taxes for their own collective benefit. He said the taxes are collected by the government but reach back to the people in the form of facilities being provided by the government to them in the form of roads, buildings, healthcare, education and other facilities. He said more taxes will guarantee more welfare of the state and appealed the people to pay taxes regularly.
Subramanyam also lauded the role of income tax department in the collection of taxes and bringing about efficiency, transparency and fairness in tax collection.
He was speaking in a seminar organised by income tax department to create awareness on TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)/TCS (Tax Collected at Source) provisions of Income Tax Act 1961.
He said TDS is a non-obtrusive but powerful instrument to prevent tax evasion as well as to expand the tax net. He said “TDS also minimises tax avoidance by the taxpayer as the payee’s transaction(s) are reported to the department by a third person,” an official handout read.
“The introduction of technology and more innovation in the tax collection process has made the department more user-friendly as the taxpayers can now pay their returns online while sitting in any part of the world,” he said adding that the state government has also put in place highly innovative and automated system in operation for hassle-free tax collection and filing of TDS returns, read the handout.