Self Absorbed and Self Centered

Self Absorbed and Self Centered
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The victims of fate, quirk, (mis)fortune or the conditions that obtain in Kashmir are oftentimes up against a wall, so to speak. There is none to assist or help them in their hour of need. Yes, there is a lot of lip service and formal (but empty) gestures of help and assorted verbal assurances, but when it comes to the crunch, that is, real and genuine assistance, there’s hardly any. It may be pointed out here that there are neither robust nor any substantive welfare measures to help and assist people in distress in Kashmir. It is, in the final analysis, the institution of the family that bears the burden of responsibility whether in quotidian matters of life or when misfortune and adversity strike. This structural lacuna makes up for a condition wherein people who are hit by misfortune or even adversity, are left and rendered acutely vulnerable. The onus falls on society which is egregiously remiss here. The question is why? It would appear that our society has, with the passage of time, become self absorbed and even self centered. Whilst the nature of our society is not individualistic , but we have become individualistic when it comes to fulfilling social , ethical and even religious obligations towards society, especially its vulnerable segments and members. This ungainly and insalubrious development must be reversed and our society must become an ethically responsible one, with high moral standards. It must be borne in mind that nobody is immune from the vagaries of fate and misfortune. What happens to someone might happen to anyone. Be it death, illness, accidents or falling victim to the conflictual conditions in Kashmir are themes and issues that can have anyone in their tentacles. We must bear this in mind and then take recourse to vigorous self and collective introspection of a nature which must yield itself to salubrious action. The nature of this action must be the reorientation of society in direction which render us into a kind, compassionate and a generous society which not only make us sensitive to the plight of the unfortunate in our society but also extend it to strangers. If the negative trend of being a self absorbed society is not stemmed and stanched, the time might not be too far when we , collectively, might morph into a kind which we might not recognize. The time for action then is now!

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