Contingent Paid Workers of Education Department hold protest in Srinagar

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Srinagar:  Contingent Paid Workers of Education Department Monday held a protest demonstration here in Srinagar demanding their wages as per the Labour rate Act of the state.

Scores of protesters from various districts of Kashmir Valley assembled here in Press enclave and shouted slogans against the government for allegedly not fulfilling their “genuine” demands.

The protesters said that they are working in the Education Department from last 15 years and the government is neglecting their demands.

“We are demanding for the wages as per the Minimum wages act, 50% departmental promotions in all districts as per the quota SRO 308 and fixed seniority list of all districts,” President of Contingent Paid Workers, Nazir Ahmad Rather said.

The protesters threatened to go on hunger strike in case their demands are not fulfilled till September 20.