The Politics of Deception

The Politics of Deception
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Fida Hussain Sodagar

“In Politics nothing happens by accident, if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way” are the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States. The words assume great significance with reference to Kashmir’s Politics. Politicians here plan to deceive people as per their interests but call it a compulsion. They fool the people and call it betterment. They deceive people on every issue. There is criminalization of politics in other places. But, in conflict tormented zones like Kashmir, it might be termed as the “deceptionalization of politics”. They promise flowers but deliver deadly thorns.
Be it Autonomy, Self Rule or the Healing touch, all became the weapons of unlimited sham. With Article 370, 35 A being the new tools for the politicians to fool the people. A political party threatens to boycott municipal and panchayat elections if these articles are not protected. This empty stunt is a part of much bigger plan. To get the more powerful chair is the essence of this political stunt. There are no sympathies for Kashmir in it. The politics crime and deception turned to be false metaphors here.
Autumn here is painted with the color of blood. The blood flows through the golden leaves. The white snow is filled with the redness of blood. The breeze is laden with its smell. The mountains become the graveyards and the crystal clear rivers become the flowing mausoleums. All this happens under the leadership of these parties. They call it efforts to install peace in the valley.
The politicians promise healing touch but inflict infinite bruises. They make and smash the promises in a blink of an eye. When out of power they have a golden heart. They are loaded with empathies and sympathies. When in power, they unleash brutality. Shattering dreams, ruthless suppression, trashing the hopes of people are the traits of these political stalwarts. Deception can’t break the resilience of the Kashmiri people. The people of this conflict torn valley have seen the worst. But the patience that Kashmir has projected is the testimony to the fact that deception is short lived for them. To fool someone is a process of self destruction for the politicians. There is no space left to unleash the cycle of trickery in Kashmir. Let the political class which has been fooling the people shun this multifaceted, multi faced and multi dimensional decoration. Better late than never!

— The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: