Congress leader concerned about rising fuel prices

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Srinagar: Y.V. Sharma, a senior Congress leader on Friday expressed deep concern about rising prices of petrol and diesel in the Country.
In a statement, Sharma said, “Due to the anti-people policies of the government of India, the prices of petrol and diesel have become an organized loot and nightmare for the people. The tragic aspect of the fact is that the government is spreading lies and excuses to defend its policies.”
Sharma said that the several thousand crores of rupees have been collected as excise duty and VAT and the government has not explained were the money has gone, “because the increase in the budget of the core sectors like education, health, defence, agriculture etc. do not reflect the corresponding increase in those areas of the budget.”
It is true, said Sharma that the fall in the price of the Rupee versus Dollar and some other international events have resulted in the increase in the prices of the crude oil. “People wonder how even under the present International prices of the crude oil, the prices of Petrol and Diesel in the developing neighbouring countries are much lower than in India,” he said, and demanded that Petrol and Diesel must be brought under GST.