Biz leaders should focus on economic, environmental, social goals: J&K Bank Chairman

Biz leaders should focus on economic, environmental, social goals: J&K Bank Chairman
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JAMMU: J&K Bank Chairman and CEO, Parvez Ahmed on Friday said we needed to tap into the dynamism of youth movements and young social entrepreneurs, for they had the potential to disrupt inertia and were “the most creative forces for social change”.
Parvez was speaking during an interactive session at Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University (BGSBSU), Rajouri
The university had organised the interactive session of the students with the bank chairman in the university auditorium on Friday. The topic of the session revolved around various challenges and issues faced by 21st century business leaders, an official handout read.
“We are living in the most uncertain times of modern history when the only thing constant is ‘change’. The societal and business landscape is also in a state of flux and institutions and corporates which will not adapt to the dynamics of times are unlikely to exist. It is one of the greatest points of inflexion in the history. The three largest forces of technology, globalisation and climate change are accelerating at once. As a result many aspects of our society, workplaces and geopolitics are being reshaped and need to be re-imagined,” said the bank chairman in his address.
He said, “If we are to solve the most pressing issues of our time be it the climate change, conservation of resources, inclusivity of society and tolerance, we need to empower youth to drive social progress through new and innovative projects,” asserted Parvez Ahmed.
He added, “The 21st century offers more room to take risks and think out of the box to deliver well. Now is the time for Business Leaders to think the unthinkable.”
He stressed upon the need for every sector to embrace technology and to develop a habit of knowledge updation through constant learning and unlearning “which is going to be the key differentiator for the leader in the current times to give the right direction to the businesses and seizing opportunities to be future-ready and relevant”, the handout read.
He further added that the motivation of current generation was different and retaining such talent “requires unique incentivisation and a sense of giving back to the society through businesses”.
Parvez further said that the bank was committed to playing a vital role in facilitating positive development and financial empowerment in the state and was ready to go beyond its business dimension to bring the vital institutions together and create a knowledge driven and entrepreneurial young society. He also announced the sponsorship of gold medals to the bright meritorious academic toppers of the university, besides an ambulance for the university under its CSR initiative, the handout added.