Azra Mufti’s ‘Shattered Dreams’ released

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‘The book actualises the dreams of a young writer’

Srinagar: ‘Shattered Dreams’ by Azra Mufti – a research scholar in the field of management – was released on Tuesday at Kolkata.
Her maiden book ‘Tearful Pages’ was released in 2016, and she is currently working on her third book.
Azra is pursuing her doctoral research in management studies and is writing columns for local newspapers. She has also worked as assistant professor in many state universities.
Fond of literature and psychology, her book ‘Shattered Dreams’, published by a Kolkata-based publishing house, is an outcome of both.
‘Shattered Dreams’ talks about two young girls – Asma and Aiza – who are ambitious, independent and intelligent. It revolves around their lives unveiling different perspectives of their life, says Azra who is currently working on her third book.
Asma and Aiza meet unexpectedly and develop a very strong bond. Being born and brought up in a conflict zone, Kashmir, they find their lives tangled in dreams, desires and fear. It is just one of those lazy days when a shocking revelation about Asma is made which turns their lives upside down, Azra reveals.
“This book talks about mental illness like never before and how it can break and shake you from within,” she says. “Shattered Dreams takes us on a journey of dreams and desires that often get shattered by a thing called life! The book talks about dreams, desires and the roller coaster ride that people have to undergo in life. It also talks about mental health illness and how it breaks a person internally. The story is refreshing and captures the soul of a person.”
“Writing is my passion, and I keep on harnessing it daily. Writing acts as a bridge to connect to the world,” she adds.
‘Shattered Dreams’ is available on Flipkart, Amazon and the publishing website (24by7 Publishers). The book will be launched in all the major universities of the state.