The Sad Plight of SSA Teachers

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Aazim Bilal

Every year, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th September.T his day has a relevance to a well known philosopher, educationist and a great teacher Dr.S.Radha Krishnan. A teacher is the one who shapes the destiny of a nation. It is the teacher who shapes future generations. Politicians, bureaucrats, doctors and engineers are the creation of a teacher. Generally, a teacher is a respected figure. , But in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the grim picture of the teacher community.
Here, the teachers appointed under centrally funded scheme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA) are on the roads since March this year. These Teachers got appointed on Ret pattern and were regularized as General line Teachers after performing an uninterrupted service of five years by the Department of Education .The benefits of 6th pay commission were extended to them in the year 2009.They got yearly increments, time bound promotions and other incentives at par with other employees of the state.
But alas, this lot has been deprived from the benefits of the 7th pay commission and is not being paid its salaries regularly. One month after every three or four months has now become the trend of the government. This kind of treatment , meted out to nation builders, this prompted them to hit the streets, go for hunger strikes, protests for fulfilling their legitimate demands.
The celebration of Teachers Day gives a loud and clear message that Teachers should be respected and should be considered as an asset of the society .On this day, teachers are being honored with awards, medals but in the state of Jammu and Kashmir , teachers are being batoned, cane charged, arrested and jailed for demanding their rights.
The Governor led Administration should resolve this grave issue of SSA teachers to save the future of the poorest of the poor children studying in government schools.

– The author is a teacher posted at CS Yamlar Zone, Rajwar Kupwara. He can be reached at: