Shocking. Atrocious. Despicable. And Sheer Evil!

Shocking. Atrocious. Despicable. And Sheer Evil!
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In a gory, shocking and horrendous case that should and must shock the collective conscience and conscious of our society, a young nine year girl has been gang raped, mutilated and murdered. The brain behind this hate crime is the step mother of the murdered girl. Words actually fail to delineate and describe this atrocious crime given its nature and given the atrocities perpetrated on the young and innocent soul. But, this very crime must induce some vigorous and intense soul searching in our society. (It might be pointed here that this particular gory crime comes after a young boy was murdered and mutilated in the forests of Handwara). The question that we must ask ourselves is: have we, as individuals or even as a collective become inured to crimes of this nature that we do not react in shock and horror? And, are there certain individuals in society who, for reasons of revenge, or to avenge slights, misdemeanors, or even crimes of passion take out their perverse anger on young, innocent souls? If, so why have things come to such a pass? The answer(s) to questions of this nature can be found only after society, to repeat, introspects and does some serious soul searching. These are the broad philosophical as well as practical issues that the murder of the young soul in Uri raises. Now, in terms of the specific nature and issue of this particular crime, the perpetrators should be punished in a way and manner that makes them not feel only the pain that the young girl felt whilst she as being marauded upon, but these vulpine predators must also be made to pay the ultimate price. The punishment must be both deterrent and proportionate to the pain that the victim had to endure. All in all, our society is undergoing mutation and change but not all aspects of these changes are salubrious. Some of these are ungainly and so undesirable that society must immediately excise these. But, for this to happen, we must all have a conversation with ourselves about the drift and direction of our society. After this, we must, again, collectively take steps to check and reverse some of the ungainly aspects of the direction that we, as a society, are undergoing. The time for this collective conversation and the desirable course correction is now. Tomorrow might be too late! In the mean time, let us all say a collective prayer for the deceased: may she be granted the highest degree of Jannah!.

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