Interference in Wakf Board intolerable: Yasin Khan

Interference in Wakf Board intolerable: Yasin Khan
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Srinagar: Kashmir Economic Alliance chairperson (KEA) Muhammad Yasin Khan on Wednesday asked the Governors administration not to interfere in the matters related to Wakf Board, and said the business community is keenly watching the developments in the Board.
In a statement, Khan said Muslim Wakf Board belongs to the majority community of Jammu & Kashmir and any interference will be strongly dealt with.
Khan expressed resentment over reports of proposed amendments in Muslim Specified Wakf Act 2004. “Any such idea is alarming as this is timed with the cynical discourse of tinkering with special laws protecting specific interests of Muslim community,” he said.
“All stakeholders including business fraternity take strong exception to reports of amending the Wakf Act and handing over the control to Raj Bhavan or its representative. The Trade community is anguished over the fact that Board is not being taken into account for any of the affairs which is overriding the law and statue and goes against the basic ethics of protecting community rights”, Khan said.
“It has been the objective of Wakf Act to respect the sentiments of Muslims and give them statutory protection to sustain their faith and resources with full regard to their religious sensitivities, tradition and heritage,” KEA chief said and added: Traders have been the regular contributors to the Wakf and are the legitimate stakeholders of this religious and cultural institution.