Teacher Student Relation is Symbiotic: Musings on the Theory of Superior Academic Achievement

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Acquisition of knowledge is commanded by Allah; a person must strive hard to gain best possible education until death. Teachers and parents equally shape the educational career of a student. However, the successful educational actions created among the students by a teacher are the cornerstone behind superior academic achievements. An ideal teacher keeps no stone unturned to impart best possible curriculum based and moral education to his or her students. The theory of superior academic achievement requires positive development among students of cognitive, non-cognitive factors and extra-curricular activities. An ideal teacher is the educator and the institution builder in real sense of the term.
A teacher carries the tag of a role model and has a multi-dimensional role in the society and in the institution. Listening, counseling, facilitating, guiding and mentoring students besides teaching are the qualities of an ideal teacher. The teacher’s job is no way an easy task where everyone will fit; it requires lot of efforts, guts and diligence to prove as a successful teacher. That achievement also demands honesty, modesty and a disciplined life defined by moral values besides requisite teaching skills and qualifications.
A teacher has to realize and believe in more training, education and skills for raising his/her standards of teaching to become an educator in the true sense. An ideal teacher uses the class room for exploration and discussion with students rather than traditional platform of lecturing only. Besides curriculum based knowledge, teachers enrich the academic profile of students by inculcating moral education and ethics, imparting skill based education, enlightening their critical thinking, problem solving and development of scholarly capabilities. These qualities enable a teacher to become an institution and a nation builder.
The infrastructural development of an educational institution in tune with recent technological breakthroughs is equally important for imparting quality education to students. In terms of students, he or she must also possess and develop those qualities enabling him/her to learn based on his/her intelligence, personality, parental educational skills, home environment, institutional atmosphere, culture and societal setup. Parent’s socio-economic status and behaviour influences a lot the academic standards of a student. Motivation and goal setting is very significant in superior academic achievement theory.
Perhaps, we have failed to devise a proper academic performance index to judge the students in presence of the age old examination system while evaluating students. Without key student qualities, it become very hard for a teacher to impart the knowledge in a class room and beyond the boundary walls of a class room. A student must identify his or her own factors that affect the superior academic achievement and not merely look at how to achieve good grades. There is a lot of difference between gaining grades and inclusive education full of knowledge and skills. The key of a superior academic profile is a two way approach where a student and a teacher must balance the each other’s needs.
A superior academic achievement means acquiring the requisite knowledge, job skills and moral principles for a dignified life. Superior academic achievement equally lays stress on selecting the best candidates with appropriate merit and credentials for a teaching job. This warrants a positive recruitment process and procedure in place only to select those candidates with superior academic standing and achievements. Moreover, a continuous need of faculty development initiatives and refresher courses for training of teachers in tune with the recent and up-to-date innovations in teaching methodologies and teaching is needed.
The challenge of institution building and sustaining the quality of these institutions is a greatest of challenges before today’s teacher due to prevalence of corrupt and malpractices in our society. A teacher needs to be transparent, honest, fair and consistent to maintain the standards and effectiveness in imparting education in tune with changing societal needs. It can’t be denied that institutions are financially stabilized by the Government but their progress depends on how exemplary and credible teachers it possess. It is the vision and critical role of a teacher that helps in building institutions. Undoubtedly the reputation and ranking of a good institution is deeply rooted on how competitive and energetic human resources it has in terms of quality teachers.
On some occasions the quality of leadership in the institutions devoid of vision and innovation confronts teachers. Similarly, many a teachers have lost or don’t possess the ethics and credibility which govern a teacher and this questions the accountability of such teachers towards society. Some teachers are rooted in malpractices, try to be close to the chair with bad intentions to mar innocent colleagues, demand undue favors and blessings at the cost of credits and merit and have politicised the institutional setup to a darker side. The moment a teacher recognizes his role and obey the ethics governing him/her, it will surely get reflected in the students we are making. The institution, its leader and the teachers, therefore, have to evolve together for the mutual sustenance, institutional building and enriching students with quality education and superior academic life.

–The writer is an Assistant Professor of Zoology at the Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar. Views expressed are his own. He can be reached at: drkatariq@islamiacollege.edu.in