JRL calls for boycott of upcoming polls

JRL calls for boycott of upcoming polls
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Every election in JK misused as ‘people’s verdict in favour of India’

SRINAGAR: Calling for boycott of the upcoming local bodies polls, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) on Monday said any participation in these elections is propagated by Government of India as “people’s verdict in favour of India” hence used as a means to dilute J&K’s disputed status and undo the holding of a referendum as promised by New Delhi at the UN.
“These so-called elections only bring prosperity to an opportunist class of people whom India has patronised in Kashmir,” JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik said in a statement issued here.
The leadership said these “enforced” elections are nothing but another assault on people to harass them and cause them further inconvenience and agony.
According to a statement, Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik issued the poll boycott call after holding a “crucial meeting” at Hyderpora here on Monday.
“Each so-called election that has been held here – from Panchayat to Indian Parliament – has only been a means to further strengthen New Delhi’s hold on J&K, and steadily weaken the sovereignty of the people of J&K,” JRL said.
It said New Delhi has never believed in empowering the people of J&K or the institutions here “for it knows that its connect with the state is neither legitimate nor moral but an outcome of manipulations and broken promises”.
“So, to think that any good can come out for people or they will in any manner get empowered from any elections held under Indian occupation, whose foundations are illegal and immoral, is unnatural,” it said.
“The leadership wants to convey to GoI the loud and clear message by the people of Kashmir that they boycott any kind of participation in elections and only demand the right to self-determination,” Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said.
“The followers of Chanakya are using all means and methods in the book to maintain their authority and forcibly rule over us… Each day a new assault is launched against us, to pin us down and tire us out. Lately, we are being threatened through the judicial route where our very identity and disputed status is being put at stake by proposing to alter the demography of our state,” the leadership said.
The leadership commended people for their steadfastness and unity in strongly opposing the tinkering with hereditary state subject law being challenged in the Supreme Court by “anti-Kashmir” agencies and organisations.
“The people of J&K have always stood up and resisted every move of occupation and subjugation thrust upon them,” the JRL said.