‘Fraud’ alleged in selection of staff for Ayushman Bharat

‘Fraud’ alleged in selection of staff for Ayushman Bharat
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Srinagar: The very first selection list of Mid-Level Health Providers under the prestigious health protection scheme ‘Ayushman Bharat’ has been accused of “fraud” by some Ayurvedic medicine graduates.
Officials of National Health Mission (NHM), J&K, rubbished the allegations saying that some “misconceptions” have led to this perception.
The selection list, a copy of which is with Kashmir Reader, was issued by Director NHM J&K, Dr Mohan Singh, on August 29, more than a year after the advertisement notification was issued through newspapers.
Eligible candidates have questioned the timing of the order as well as the appointments, which they say were made without following the selection process.
“No one can be appointed through a simple bridge course without undergoing recruitment exam. It’s a clear violation of recruitment rules,” said an Ayurvedic graduate.
“I was shocked to see the selection list of 59 mid-level health providers in the newspapers. The process seems to be a clear fraud, as no notification was issued before the selection process. I think everything was done under the carpet,” he said.
Sources told Kashmir Reader that Ayurvedic doctors are planning to seek details of the selection process through a Right-To-Information (RTI) query, which may well put the authorities in a tight spot.
“The officials have always ignored meritorious candidates in one way or the other. This time they kept many away from the selection process by keeping the process a secret,” they said.
The Ayushman Bharat health protection scheme was launched on April 14, 2018, in Jammu & Kashmir.
NHM Director Dr Mohan Singh denied that there was any fraud in the selection process. “We advertised the details of the process last year in July and in December, as per the guidelines of Ayushman Bharat scheme. Whosoever was selected was based on merit and on successful completion of a Bridge Course. They will work in Health and Wellness Centers to implement the National Health Protection Scheme,” he said.