Massive search operation launched in south Kashmir’s Pulwama

Massive search operation launched in south Kashmir’s Pulwama
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Pulwama: Special operations group (SOG) of police, army and paramilitary CRPF this morning launched a massive search operation in at least ten villages of this south Kashmir district.

In the wee hours today, a huge contingent of SOG men, army and CRPF personnel appeared in Rahmoo, Bellow, Putrigam, Matrigam, Frasipura, Goosu, Kuchipora, Murran, Thokerpora and Drabgam and launched a cordon and search operation, witnesses told Kashmir Reader.

The government forces, witnesses said carried house-to-house search in search of militants. Orchards too, they said were placed under siege and searched thoroughly.

“The search operation started shortly after Fajr prayers. The government forces entered houses and sought details from inmates,” Mohammad Shafi, a resident of Murran told Kashmir Reader.

“Even the passerby at some places were subjected to identification checks. Their mobile phones too were screened,” he added.

However, SSP Pulwama Chandan Kohli told Kashmir Reader that the ongoing search operation was a routine practice to keep a check on militants.