Unprecedented water scarcity in Doda, residents aghast

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Srinagar: The residents of Doda town are up in arms against the Public Health Engineering Department’s lackadaisical approach in addressing the unprecedented water shortage issues in the town.

A group of residents told Kashmir Reader that the residents are compelled to buy “stinky water” from tankers which in result has created various health issues.

Attaullah Bagwan, a resident of the mountainous town told Kashmir Reader that his daughter remained bedridden due to illness out of consuming the contaminated water. “My daughter was bedridden for months after consuming the filthy water supplied by the tankers,” he said.

Although the district is known for its abundant water resources, hundreds of residents are still deprived of basic water facilities due to the lackadaisical approach of the local Public Health Engineering (PHE) department.

“The department has spent crores on laying water supply pipes but usually they remain dry round the year. Although in some areas the water is supplied but only for 30-40 minutes, which doesn’t suffice the needs,” said another resident.

Bal Krishan, the executive engineer of PHE department in Doda told Kashmir Reader that there is no scarcity of water resources in the district but the department is yet to reach every household.

“There is no water shortage in Doda at all, but in some areas, the water pipeline is yet to be completed.”

He said that the department will make all the efforts to address the water scarcity issues of the residents.