Three rooms, one washroom for 50-year-old middle school in Pulwama

Three rooms, one washroom for 50-year-old middle school in Pulwama
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PULWAMA: A government-run girls’ middle school in Malla-Pora locality of Litter villager of Pulwama has only three rooms and a single washroom for nine academic classes despite the fact that it was established in 1965.
Despite 53 years having passed since its establishment, this school has not grown, that too after having been upgraded to upper primary a couple of decades ago. Stranded without facility of washrooms, playground and drinkable water, the parents of pupils enrolled in the school accuse the authorities of wasting their children’s careers.
Decrying the fact that the school infrastructure has only three rooms and a single washroom for all students and staff, male and female included, the villagers said that the school exposes the worst of education in government-run schools.
Teachers here seemed to agree, saying that it’s not easy or appropriate to put all students of nine different classes in only three rooms. They said that they were forced to fit more than two classes into a single room, hindering normal class work and wasting the students’ precious time.
Jahangir Ahmad, a local resident, told Kashmir Reader that the school is the oldest education centre in the area but despite that it was always ignored by the government. “More parents want to send their wards to this school, but on seeing the its dilapidated condition, nobody wants to ruin their children’s careers by sending them here,” he said while demanding sanction of a new building, washrooms and school-like facilities there.
Local resident say that despite around 50 kanals of state land near the school premises having been grabbed by encroachers, there is still enough space to raise a new structure for the school.
“There is availability of over 50 kanals of state land occupied illegally by locals. However, there is still space available to construct other structures,” they said.
Shabir Ahmed, another local, told Kashmir Reader that the government is wasting a mountain of funds on useless publicity and advertisement but they never look on the problems faced by the students in their schools. “Most of the students belong to economically backward families who have no means for privatised education,” he said.
Zonal Education Officer, Pulwama, Fayaz Ahmad said that he will look into this matter and will write to the higher authorities for the sanction of funds for a new school. “I will visit the school first and will take stock of facilities there, “he added