On Pseudo Journalists

On Pseudo Journalists
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The ongoing Information Technology and Communications (ICT’s) revolution has not only upended past paradigms but also bred new ones. One major and far reaching corollary of this revolution are various forms of social media. Social media, which augured another significant revolution especially in the domains of communication decentred space, among other things. That is, anyone with access to the internet and a social media account could tap into it and become a freewheeling communication entrepreneur so to speak. Some analysts held this phenomenon to constitute deepening of democracy and free expression. But, social media also has had a dark side. Its various forms can have insalubrious and negative consequences. One major aspect or feature of this is trolling, which has become as ubiquitous as social media itself. Trolls through trolling can harm a person’s reputation, create mental and emotional distress for the victim and then there is the problem of addiction to social media. The foregoing constitutes a broad snapshot critique of the dark side of social media. It is not exhaustive. While the dark side assumes different forms and avatars depending upon context, time and place, with respect to Kashmir, social media has spawned a breed of so called journalists who are active merely on these forms of media. The fake or pseudo journalists, at times, pretend to be real journalists and solicit acts or spawn rather insalubrious activities. Journalists are journalists with a moral obligation to not only speak truth to power but also hold a mirror to society. But, pseudo and fake journalists besmirch this rather noble vocation and indulge in activities for sheer self aggrandizement or monetary gains and motives. Given the very nature of the vocation of journalism, pseudo journalists constitute a threat not only to bold and ethical journalism but also society, at large. It is therefore about time that this unethical variety of journalism is nipped in the bud, to both forestall further damage but also to maintain the highest standards of journalistic ethics and propriety. In this regard, the real journalistic fraternity has a vigorous role to play. This should be in the nature of stringent safeguards , monitoring and entry standards into journalism in Kashmir. Besides this, pseudo journalists should and must be exposed, named and shamed to deter immoral and unethical from posing and pretending to be journalists. The very nature, form , ethical and moral propriety of journalism is at stake here!

2 Responses to "On Pseudo Journalists"

  1. SKChadha   September 4, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Good one …. now the journalist fraternity of valley should publish its code of ethics and the so called stringent safeguards, entry standards for journalists and declared its elected representatives for monitoring journalism in Kashmir …. 😛

  2. Shabir   September 1, 2018 at 6:16 am

    I know many such journalists who use blackmailing and social media to earn huge bucks. What measures should be taken to deter them.