In Narayana hospital, a new technique devised to capture tumor motion with 4DCT scan

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This practice is beneficial for lung tumors, breast tumors, mediastinal tumors, liver tumors, and pancreas

Jammu: Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Narayana Superspeciality Hospital(SMVDNSH) on Wednesday said it has devised a new technique to capture tumor motion using 4DCT scan.
A statement said, “With this technique, we can manage the motion of tumor both during radiotherapy delivery and during the daily course of radiotherapy. With the help of 4DCT, doctors design the target in such a way that wherever tumor will move in the organ, we can track it and hit it with radiotherapy. This technique is beneficial for lung tumors, breast tumors, mediastinal tumors, liver tumors, and pancreas.”
It further said, “The patient here was planned for treatment of lung tumor with 4DCT in which we used special sensors over the body to track the motion of tumor and subsequently CT pictures of different phases of respiration taken. Then these CT pictures are separated as per different time frame gaps and finally we generated image in which all possible movements of patient tumor are captured. In this patient we saved the adjacent organs like heart and esophagus and at the same time we delivered adequate radiation dose to the tumor. The patient completed radiotherapy without any side effects like breathlessness and dysphagia. Patient is now on regular follow up and doing well.”
Dr. Vikas Roshan, consultant- Radiation Oncology at SMVDNSH, said, “We started this technique with patient of lung cancer in which radiotherapy delivery technique is modified as per the motion of lung tumor captured during CT scan. This new generation CT enables us to reduce the normal tissue irradiation surrounding tumor which in turn leads to lesser toxicity.”