Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) : The Messenger of Peace to All Humanity and Creation

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) : The Messenger of Peace to All Humanity and Creation
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The Holy Prophet (SAW) is the last and final messenger of Almighty Allah. The beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was entrusted with the same message given by Almighty Allah to all the other Prophets before our Holy prophet (SAW). The message was to believe in the uniqueness and oneness of Almighty Allah and to worship none other than Almighty Allah and that the Holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) is his last and final messenger.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born in the Holy city of Mecca in the year 570 CE. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was known all over Arabia for his generosity, patience, learning, high morals, truthfulness, and trustworthiness and gained the title, Al-Amin (the trustworthy one).
When our Beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) attained the age of forty, He (SAW) received the revelation from Almighty Allah. Holy Prophet (SAW) spent his Holy life in explaining and teaching the message of Islam (the religion of peace) in the same way what Almighty Allah has revealed to him. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent as a final and last messenger of Almighty Allah to the whole of humanity and all the creatures existing on this planet earth. He (SAW) was known as the mercy for all of the creatures created by Almighty Allah.
Through his life and teachings, Allah made Muhammad (SAW) the best example to the whole of the humankind. Our holy Prophet (SAW) is the exemplary Prophet, leader, statesman, ruler, teacher, neighbor, husband, father, military general, and friend. Holy Prophet (SAW) accomplished his mission to convey Allah’s message to the people. He (SAW) brought a complete change in society which that time was rife with killing and tribal wars. He (SAW) brought the system of justice and equality in which each and everyone’s rights got protected and taken care of irrespective of cast, creed, region and religion.

This new faith of Islam (the religion of peace) demanded absolute equality of all members in the sight of Almighty Allah, without any distinction of colour, race, tribe or sex. The rule of Islamic law was established and each and everyone was equal before the law either he was the king or a slave. In the pre-Islamic era in Arabian society a girl child was buried alive. They considered it as a shame to be the father of girl child. But Islam raised women and gave her status and honor in the society.
After Hijra in Madinah, the Holy Prophet (SAW) created a society that was truly united which included people of different tribes, countries, nations, natures and characters. This example is still applicable today and, we Muslims are of the firm belief that it provides the foundation for the world community to live in harmony, unity and peace because Islam is the platform which unites people of all communities’ reason being its foundation is on equality and justice.
Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) enjoined upon us to observe the physical world so that we can see the signs of Allah, the Almighty. Discovering the secrets of nature makes it possible to extent some control over the physical world so that the humanity gets benefited out of it. In fact this particular teaching of Holy Prophet (SAW) inspired generations of Muslim scientists over the centuries.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led both men and women to the path of knowledge and understanding in place of ignorance, to reason in place of superstition, and to freedom of thought and research in place of blind acceptance of the opinions of ancestors and political leaders. History is witness to the fact that it was our beloved Prophet (SAW) who brought people out of slavery and gave them equal rights.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a great and extraordinary example to the whole of the humanity existed on this planet earth and they can learn and benefit from His (SAW) Holy life to live their own lives in dignity and peace.
The Prophet (SAW) encouraged people to meet each other warmly with smiles on faces and exchange good wishes and greetings of peace. He (SAW) emphasized us to be kind and generous towards our parents, neighbors, and friends. He (SAW) practically demonstrated through his noble and holy life how to behave and treat women, orphans and the poor. He (SAW) abolished evil social customs, traditions and condemned lying, cheating and backbiting.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) was against extremism and hardships. He (SAW) promoted healthy living and hygiene and stressed on the importance of literacy and gaining knowledge through learning and experience for both men and women. It is important as well as a religious obligation for both men and women to gain knowledge, learn, read and write so that they can differentiate between right (Haq) and wrong (Batil). He (SAW) also encouraged his companions to be warm and friendly and respect people of other faiths and religions.
The Holy Prophet (SAW) brought a message for every individual to add value to his or her life, for every family to be united and happy, for every society to reinforce unity, for every nation to emphasize solidarity and development and for humanity to strengthen knowledge, love and mutual collaboration because our Holy Prophet (SAW) was sent as a mercy for the whole of the universe and the creation.

The author is a PhD Research Scholar. He can be reached at: mubashirkitaba@gmail.com