Callous and Indifferent

Callous and Indifferent
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Post Eid, it has been observed that much of the waste accruing from consumption and allied activities has been dumped in many water bodies. That this is bad, immoral and unethical amounts to stating the obvious but the question is why have and why are people taking recourse to these ungainly practices? The answers are manifold but one major one which stands out with reference to Eid al Adha, is that people, in general , might be loath to dispose the leftovers of Qurbani and what have you in places which have been designated for disposal. People might be thinking and assuming that disposal of these leftovers would amount to a sacrilege if thrown into designated spaces. If this reason holds true, then there is an obvious solution: don’t dispose leftovers in water bodies; instead bury it. This is, insofar, as the solution to the immediate issue is concerned. But, in the main, there are structural reasons for the disposal of waste by households and people in Kashmir. Often times, we dispose waste on the road side, in dumps or at other similar convenient places. The reasons for this pertain largely to our indifference and callousness toward the environment. Among other things, this constitutes a bit of a paradox given that Kashmir is known for and is defined by its natural environment and beauty. If we, with our own hands, despoil our natural environment, who is to be blamed ? Ourselves is the answer. We should, instead, of being active participants in despoiling our natural environment which naturally includes water bodies, be making efforts to enhance and improve it. This is not only a moral duty but an obligation that we owe to our Kashmir and its posterity. As it is and as it stands, we have marauded our environment to such points of stress that only a salvage job can be done, at this point in time. But, this salvage job must be done. While it is not only the general public that is responsible for this state of affairs but also poor and bad public policy, corruption and patronage, and if authorities are remiss in doing their jobs and upholding their responsibilities, then the public must take charge and assume responsibilities in not only protecting our natural environment but also enhancing it significantly. To, repeat, we owe it to our Kashmir and future generations. Let’s then take responsibility now. Later might be too late!

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