Habba Kadal fenced to prevent garbage dumping

Habba Kadal fenced to prevent garbage dumping
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Srinagar: Authorities have fenced the new Habba Kadal (bridge) from both sides to stop garbage dumping in the river by municipal workers, people and a nearby CRPF camp.
Officials said the bridge had become a “main point”, where not only residents and vendors, but CRPF and sweepers of the SMC, used to throw garbage into the river due to which the water in the area had get polluted and stinky.
The new Habba Kadal is the second bridge in the city to be fenced after the Roads and Buildings department had fenced the Amira Kadal bridge in city centre some years ago.
Over the years, people have been throwing garbage into the Jhlum from the bridges spanning the river in the city – Amira Kadal, Habba Kadal, Fateh Kadal, Zaina Kadal, Ali Kadal, Nawa Kadal and Safa Kadal .
MLA Habba Kadal, Shameema Firdous told Kashmir Reader that, “People, personnel from a CRPF camp, and SMC used to throw the garbage into the river that degraded the Jhelum so I decided to fence the bridge keeping in view the preservation of the water body.”
“They used to come either in the morning or in the night and throw waste into Jhelum that degraded the river and ultimately the environment, so I decide to put this work in the district plan, and the development work was under R&B department,” she said.
She said the total cost of the fencing was Rs 7.5 lac. “People are happy over this development. I believe the surrounding environment would improve and also preserve the river Jhelum. People are also demanding fencing of old Habba Kadal and Fatha Kadal so that river is preserved,” Firdous added.
“I will do fencing on all bridges which come under my constituency,” she said.
Local residents say government should have taken the initiative much earlier.
“We all are responsible for the same. Either we dump garbage in open which becomes a breeding ground around the bridge or we throw in the river which is cause of environment pollution,” Fayaz Wani, a resident of Habba Kadal said.