Deep Uncertainty

Deep Uncertainty
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As the Supreme Court of India is slated to hear the plea by an obscure NGO over the abrogation of Article 35 A, the conditions that obtain in Kashmir lend themselves to deep and prolonged uncertainty. According to the Wikipedia, “Uncertainty is a situation which involves imperfect or unknown information. It applies to predictions of future events, to physical measurements that are already made, or to the unknown. Uncertainty arises in partially observable and/or stochastic environments, as well as due to ignorance, indolence, or both”( Key to and in this definition is imperfect and unknown information especially vis a vis the future. ( In the context of Kashmir, the present might also be thrown into the equation). The uncertainty that appears to define Kashmir flows is political; it flows from the conflictual conditions that have had Kashmir in a vise like grip. The sad fact is that this political uncertainty is nothing new in terms of the region and its politics. But, unfortunately, the methods that are employed to deal with it add to its intensity. One glaring and recent example of this is the attempt to abrogate Article 35 A. Approaches like this only, to repeat, exacerbate the underlying uncertainty in Kashmir. In the final analysis, and in general terms, the politics of a given place determines its or has an inordinate influence on all spheres of life. The same would hold true for Kashmir. The people of the region and the various spheres of life are all inordinately influenced by the conflictual conditions that obtain here. The major problem with uncertainty is that it feeds on itself. That is, if left unaddressed and to fester, it deepens. What is or might obviate the deep uncertainty that pervades Kashmir is clarity and a will to deal with it. This is the broad , general and conceptual framework that must be developed and instituted. In a specific sense, the rest can be corollaries. The question is can this theme be developed and instituted in and vis a vis Kashmir? Ideally, there should be no issued with it. But, given the political climate that prevails in certain quarters, it looks unlikely. If the drift of this nature continues, uncertainty can only deepen here. This, in turn, can only be ominous. Uncertainty is or can also be held to be part of the human condition but this does not mean that humans be in thrall to it.

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