The November Cartoon Contest is a Direct Affront and Attack on the Prophet of Islam and Humanity (SAW)

The November Cartoon Contest is a Direct Affront and Attack on the Prophet of Islam and Humanity (SAW)
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By Irshad Aziz

From time to time world has been bestowed with a good number of some outstanding personalities. These include scientists, doctors, engineers, technology experts, kings , Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ultra-rich men, geniuses and so on. However, many of these people have also been tyrants, cruel, pessimistic, intolerant, inhumane in their approach. The fact then is clear that being a scientist, doctor, engineer, ultra-rich is not enough for a man to be qualified as humane.
Being human and humane is to feel the pain and suffering of other human beings irrespective of their religious and ideological affiliations. The best group among the people, who have always felt the pain and sufferings of other people, deserve to be called humane. Undoubtedly, this group contains all the prophets irrespective of the nations they belong to. They are the right people who qualify to be called the champions and heroes of humanity. A scientist may indeed be an expert of molecular genetics, meta physics, and chemistry; A doctor may claim to be an expert of medical sciences; an ultra-rich man can taste the pleasures of worldly life upto the fullest. But, a Prophet dedicates His all life to serve the mankind to respect and uphold human values. Prophets are the ones who have transformed and shaped the lives of people since times immemorial.
Only a kind hearted person who is soft in speech and tender at heart will show the utmost respect to all the Prophets. Muslims have been directed to respect all the Prophets and believe in their Prophethood. That is why Muslims have high respect for all the prophets including Dawood (AS), Musa (AS), Sulaiman (AS), Noah (AS), Eesa (AS). Muslims believe in the Prophethood of Eesa (AS) and reject him as son of God. Admitting Eesa (AS) as son of the God is in itself a disrespect to His Prophethood besides being insult to the God. Maryam (AS) is the only woman who has been addressed by her name in the holy Quran. This is enough proof how much she is respected among the Muslims and how much pure she is?
On the other hand , some people have acquired the qualities of wild beasts and have become intensely inhumane. Their only job is to disgrace and disrespect the Prophets of Allah. They have made it mandatory for them to insult the real champions and heroes of the humanity(the prophets). They are doing so with the sole aim to fulfill their nefarious designs. They do so to satisfy their selfish ego and fulfill their personal lust. But alas, they do not know that insulting the greatest men (Prophets of Allah) is like spitting towards the sun. Their spits will return back and fall on their faces while the sun will continue to lighten the world. The irony is that such people have always blamed Muslims for being intolerant and inhumane. But they are so blind to see, that there is not a single incident of disrespect by Muslims for any Prophet.
They have disrespected the beloved Prophet of Islam from time to time but Muslims neither have nor can disrespect their Prophets in revenge. Because respecting all the Prophets is our faith.
One such forth coming attempt to insult the Prophet of Islam(SAW) is scheduled on the 10th November, 2018. The event is to be held by a Dutch anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders. The event has been named “Muhammad Cartoon Contest”, in which all the cartoonists of world have been encouraged to draw the cartoon of the Muhammad (SAW)(Astagfirullah!). The award for first prize winner has been fixed at $10000.
Since these vicious Islamophobes know that that Muslims cannot tolerate such insult of their beloved Prophet(SAW) and that Muslims will react, they will to portray Muslims as intolerant and terrorists! What a shame for them? Perhaps they have forgotten the fate of their predecessors. They must revisit the history of Abu Lahab. They must remember the fate of people of Lot (AS). If they feel that Muslims are too weak, they must remember that almighty Allah can punish them in this world and the Hereafter. It is better for such people to repent and apologize openly to evade the severe punishment of Almighty Allah ; it is better for them to shun their ego and bow down before human values. It is qualities like respect and upholding of human values like kindness, compassion, brotherly love, understanding, tenderness, mercifulness, tolerance that render people and societies to qualify for being treated as humane. The Prophetic message of humanity cannot be attacked by such wicked acts!

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