Career Point announces talent hunt test for Kashmiri students

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SRINAGAR: Career Point KOTA has announced its talent hunt test under the name and banner CP-STAR (Career Point- Scholastic Test for Analysis & Reward -2018) for Kashmir students.
According to a statement, CP-STAR provides an opportunity for the young buds who dream to pursue their professional career in medicine or in engineering in the forthcoming years. “CP-STAR comes up in full bundled package as the very scholarship test carries with it academic advantage & as well as financial advantage for the CP-STAR aspirants,” it said.
As far as the academic advantage is concerned, the statement said, the students get a validated and genuine platform to test his ability on national standards to scale his competitive effectiveness. “On the financial side, a merit securing student is being provided to avail a benefit of 100% scholarship on mentoring. CP-STAR acts as a gateway to successfully pursue Professional Career in the field of science with considerable ease and systematic approach,” it added.
“Career Point has rolled out this year’s CP-STAR 2018 (Kashmir) as Scholastic Test for Analysis & Rewards – 2018 stands scheduled on September 2, 2018 (Sunday) venued at its exclusive Study Centre located in Hazratbal and on September 9, 2018 venued at SSM Higher Secondary School (Convenience Centre) located at Parraypora, IG Road, Srinagar. The test will be purely of MCQ pattern,” the statement reads.
Apart from Academic and Financial advantage, the statement said, CP-STAR is being conducted to tap and systematize the aptitude in the early stage to lay down firm and result oriented foundation through proper guidance and professional channelization of the students by subjecting the them to what is being called CP-Methodology. “While accommodating classroom coaching for pre-foundation and foundation courses therein students of Career Point are properly tuned up for competitive platforms for the years to come,” it added.