And They Call Themselves Journalists!!

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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

Journalism is a sacred vocation. Journalists uncover what the elites bury. They are great contributors in bringing up the truth. But, in Kashmir, everything becomes a victim of tragedies. The black sheep’s get encrypted in everything here. Journalism is a new victim to the long list of tragedies. Even the fourth estate has not been spared.
The new brand of self styled journalists have erupted and can be seen roaming in the premises of Government offices. Ask them about the organization they work for they have no answer. They are working for non-existent news agencies. They emerge from nothingness. They gossip about everything except serious stories. I doubt if they even know about the concept of a story.
All they do is grapevine communication and everything except reporting. They wander in the offices especially in districts( no one can even question them). While real journalists hunt for credible stories, the self styled pseudo ones go to offices to sip a cup of tea. Interfering in Government work is a new agenda for them. They argue, fight and rest. (This is the work they are made for). Some have a wedding photography background and they can be seen sitting accompanying officers, politicians and the political workers. They have set their own standards to be a journalist. They don’t have the idea and concept of ethics in reporting and journalism.
While journalists from different organizations work hard to get quotes for their stories, the self styled reporters hope for quotes to come. They expect miracles without work. They practice unhealthy mores of journalism. What they cover and report is trash. They are journalists of oblivion, a blot on serious journalism. The only news organization they file stories with is Facebook. They copy and paste the stories on social media and they become reporters. They are the new brand of Facebook reporters and the shameless version of copy paste journalists.
The journalists in Kashmir have rendered marvelous sacrifices in reporting the realities of the conflict bruised valley. They were always in the line of fire, but still they never compromised with the job they were bestowed with. But, these Government office self styled media persons have disgraced the status of journalism to its lowest. They have shattered the credibility of serious journalism and discredited the ethics and standards of journalism, in the process. Journalism is a metaphor for trust and responsibility. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is what the pseudo need to smash into their minds. Better they do the job they are good at and let healthy journalism flourish in Kashmir.

The Author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: