KCCI anguished over ‘flooding’ of Srinagar with footpath vendors

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SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Monday took a strong exception to the ‘flooding’ of the central business district with footpath vendors.
In a statement, President, KCCI, Javid Ahmad Tenga said that on the eve of Eid festival, the administration had literally turned the central business district into a flea market “which has caused crippling losses to the genuine business establishments of the area”, adding that customers travelling towards the central business district had to undergo a harrowing experience as they were stuck in traffic jams due to the parking areas and footpaths being occupied by street vendors.
Tenga said “if the administration was so interested in setting up the flea market, some vacant plot of land should have had been identified for this purpose instead of causing inconvenience to the whole population”, the statement read.
Tenga appealed Governor N N Vohra to initiate an enquiry as to “which authority had allowed such a transgression to take place and why alternate sites were not arranged”. “It also needed to be enquired into as to why the enforcement agencies be the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, the Traffic Police or the District Police were turning a blind eye to this large scale encroachment of the central business district,” it added.