Societal Obligation

Societal Obligation
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As Muslims across the world and in Kashmir make preparations for the auspicious occasion of Eid al Adha, there are innumerable and countless people who , for one reason or the other, because of being victims of fate, happenstance , accidents and other assorted reasons, don’t have much to look forward to. Among these hapless victims, with reference to Kashmir, are pellet victims. These hapless victims are not victims by choice or volition but rather are victims because of the structural conditions that obtain in Kashmir. It amounts to stating the obvious that once a person or persons become victims of any untoward accidents or incidents, he , she or they are burdened by onerous issues which include health , financial, economic, social and emotional issues. However, if these unfortunate people are left on their own, or even abandoned, life becomes miserable for them. This has a searing resonance for the pellet victims of Kashmir. Here, with reference to these victims, society is remiss and has almost abandoned them. This not only constitutes a travesty but also a tragedy in the making. Life, broadly and generally speaking , is full of uncertainties and contingencies. No one can be sure what happens the next moment or even the next second, a condition that holds salience in a place like Kashmir. What is alluded to here is that there is no room for smugness in life , in general , and in particular. This fact must be borne in mind by both individuals and society. The most prudent and effective way to remember these facts of life is to develop and cultivate empathy for fellow human beings. In Kashmir, this means helping the underprivileged classes of people , in general, and pellet victims , in particular. Assistance must be accorded to these victims both at an individual as well as collective level. But, a more effective approach would be societal. Funds can be pooled by society and then channelized towards helping these people in terms of their health, recovery and recuperation needs. This would alleviate their financial and economic burdens. Moreover, victims of happenstance and conflict must be made to feel like normal , functioning and productive members of society, an approach which can help them to cope up emotionally with various traumas. In the final analysis, the onus for the rehabilitation of victims like these falls on society but alas it is remiss in this function. This must change!

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