Shah-e-Hamadan taught us self-respect and freedom: Malik

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Srinagar: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday said Shah-e-Hamadan (RA) taught us the lessons of Tawheed, self-respect and freedom.
Malik was speaking while leading a protest outside Khankah-I-Mohalla on Saturday here. “This great spiritual saint not only led us on spiritual front but brought a revolution in our economic and social life. He taught us self- respect and led this nation to an economic freedom,” he said in a statement.
While condemning the crackdown and nocturnal raids throughout Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that it have become an order of the day.
Malik said, “The government of India want to change demography of Jammu Kashmir by attacking state subject law, and people of Jammu Kashmir stand united to defend this uniqueness and distinctive identity.”
JKLF chairman appealed people to remain vigilant and follow protest programs of JRL in letter and spirit. “We all should remain one and be ready for a full-fledged people’s agitation if any adverse decision is delivered on state subject law,” he said.