Iqbalabad residents complain of piled up garbage

Iqbalabad residents complain of piled up garbage
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Say no sanitation worker coming to colony

Srinagar: Heaps of garbage have piled up at Iqbalabad colony in Bemina due to negligence of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), causing health problem to the residents.
Residents of the lane number 4, Iqbalabad said they have not seen any SMC santiation worker at the colony for more than a week.
The garbage thrown by the households for disposal is stinking, and is impossible to walk through the colony without covering mouths with a handkerchief.
“Garbage is piling up in my home, and yesterday a family member decided to empty dustbin outside the colony where SMC has installed huge bins, but he could not reach the spot and fainted midway because of the stink,” a resident said.
He said the foul smell has become a source of health ailments and infection for the people.
Chief Sanitation Officer, SMC, Ghulam Hassan Sofi told Kashmir Reader that he will look into the matter as soon as possible.
“If any complaint had been filed, action would have been taken soon,” he said.