On the Greatness of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani (RA)

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Syed Mushtaq Andleeb Hamdani

Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, was a great philosopher, poet, scholar and preacher. He was a prime example of humanity whose contribution towards Islam will never be forgotten even up to doomsday. Syed Hazrat Shah Hamdani came from an educated family and was highly intelligent. He traveled through the northern parts of Indi and then came to Kashmir and revolutionized Kashmiri society by propagating Islam. The great Sufi master never hesitated to exchange social and religious views. He imparted teachings of brotherhood, equality and unity. Syed Hamdani’s message was complete submission to God and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad(SAW). He freed the Kashmiri nation from fear and inequality of the then prevailing caste system and poverty. Mir Syed Hamdani accorded the people of Kashmir the hope of living in peace and respect with equal human rights. Besides being a poet philosopher, he wrote plenty of books on Islam and Sufism. His Awraad e Fatiha is one the priceless compositions which is recited in the morning prayer in most mosques of Kashmir. Mir Syed Hamdani is responsible for creating an Islamic environment in Central Asia and Kashmir. On this occasion I congratulate all Muslims of Central Asia and Kashmir. I also congratulate Syed Mushtaq Hamdani, on this sublime day.