Illegal construction by CRPF in green belt area at Boulevard

Illegal construction by CRPF in green belt area at Boulevard
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Violation of rules, will take action: Enforcement officer LAWDA


Srinagar: In a serious violation of J&K Control of Building Operations Act, 1988, and of the orders of the J&K High court, the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has recently constructed concrete bunkers at its camp here at Boulevard road.
Opposite Sher-e-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) and adjacent to Royal Springs Golf Course (RSGC), the camp operates from the premises of a receiving station that supplies electricity to government facilities including the Governor’s House.
The Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) through its enforcement wing is supposed to keep close watch on violations of building norms and encroachments in this area. The camp also falls under the “green belt area” of 150-200 meters from the lake, on which any sort of construction is totally prohibited and is deemed to be “illegal” by the orders of the government. For this propose, watchers are deployed in the field by LWADA to monitor any kind of violation of rules.
Surprisingly, the illegal construction of the camp, located on the Boulevard road and a stone’s throw away from the lake, has not come to the notice of the authorities.
According to witnesses, the construction started last week with the old bunkers made from sand bags being replaced by new concrete ones.
“There were old sand bunkers since the nineties and no concrete building existed. There were two barracks made from tin sheds. The construction started last week and three concrete bunkers were constructed,” said a local resident. “Some more construction is going inside the camp and I am not sure what that is.”
Even for carrying constructional material in the green belt area, permission is issued by the High Court through its designated officers. Special demolition drives in co-ordination with police and office of District Magistrate is also carried out to discourage people from resorting to illegal constructions.
Outside the green belt area, for regulation of building activities in the local jurisdiction, permissions are granted by a well laid-out procedure as per the standing norms after getting Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from different departments.
Employees at RSGC, adjacent to the camp, said that they were under the impression that the camp would be removed or relocated sometime in the near future, given its location in the tourist stretch.
“We thought that the camp would be removed because the SKICC and golf course is visited by various national and international delegations. Moreover, it is a tourist area and a forces’ camp doesn’t look good around it,” said an employee of RSGC.
Enforcement officer at LAWDA, DSP Suhail Reshi, said he had “no information” about this and their watchers had not informed about it yet.
“We don’t know anything about this and are getting this information from you. If any construction is going on then it is a violation of court orders,” Suhail said.
“We will send the team very soon and will take action in this regard,” he said.