Amir e Kabir, the King of Hamadan(RA)

Amir e Kabir, the King of Hamadan(RA)
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Kashmir, often referred to as the abode of saints, has been host to one of the greatest Sufi saints, Mir Sayyad Ali Hamdani(RA), also known as Amir e Kabir and Shah e Hamadan( the king of Hamadan). The people of Kashmir owe an abiding debt to Amir e Kabir(RA) for it was he who laid the foundational ingress of Islam onto the vale. Amir e Kabir(RA) also left an abiding legacy in the form imparting craft skills to Kashmiris. It amounts to stating the obvious that the handicraft industry has been a source of livelihood for hundreds and thousands of Kashmiris and their families. And, the Kashmir brand is indelibly associated with Handicrafts that Amir e Kabir(RA) imbued the people of Kashmiris with. Another very important gift, besides laying the foundations of Islam in Kashmir that Shah e Hamadan gave to the people of Kashmir, was the Aurad a Fatiha. This brief compendium , culled from the Holy Quran and the Ahadith, is a spiritual set of instructions and prayers that Muslims in Kashmir, usually recite after the morning prayer. Amir a Kabir(RA), was not only a hallowed personage but an institution in himself. By laying the ingress of Islam in Kashmir, he created and left a long lasting legacy in Kashmir and gave the vale its special and distinctive character. The values that define Kashmiris and their orientation towards Islam and the other salubrious traits of people here emanate and accrue from the great and sublime legacy of Amir e Kabi(RA)r. Kashmir, to state the obvious yet again, has and is undergoing through hard, testing and trying times. It is through the resilience imparted by Islam and the teachings of great Sufi masters like Amir e Kabir(RA), that Kashmiris have and are coping up ably. If these anchors, spiritual and religious would have been absent here , then the people of the vale would have found it extremely difficult to wrestle with these conditions and even survive coherently. We, the people of Kashmir, then owe an abiding and everlasting debt of gratitude to Amir e Kabir(RA) especially and other Sufi masters who ensured our Islamic and spiritual character and growth. But, having said this, a word of caution is called for here. As our society unfortunately becomes more materialist, more self centred , it behooves upon us to revisit with ardor and even zeal to revisit the life and teachings of hallowed , great Sufi masters like Amir e Kabir(RA). The results can only be in the nature of spiritual upliftment, cathartic and sublime!

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