KU failing to declare results of undergrad students

KU failing to declare results of undergrad students
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Irshad Khan

Srinagar: The examination results of scores of undergraduate students in different semesters of study at several colleges have been pending for the last several months, with the Kashmir University (KU) blaming the respective colleges for not sending the awards on time.
The third semester results of the 2016 batch of medical students at Amar Singh College have been awaited since September last year, aggrieved students they told Kashmir Reader.
With KU already consuming 10 months of their degree for a single semester, student Waseem said he feared that their under graduation might stretch beyond the stipulated three years.
“Even the examination forms for backlog candidates of 1st semester were issued only recently by the university. When will they declare the results of those candidates? The three years of under graduation would be over, and the career of the affected candidates would be hanging in the air,” he said.
Blaming KU for its “carelessness”, Waseem said, “Because of this, our degree would automatically stretch (beyond the stipulated period)”.
Another student from Amar Singh College, a BCA student who did not wish to be named, complained that KU had not rectified the results of their Mathematics paper of the 1st semester examination held in February last year.
He said that the varsity had “erroneously” failed him and scores of his friends in the paper.
“The weightage for the Mathematics paper was 60, so the pass marks should have been 24, but when the results were declared in December last year, nine months after the examinations were held, they have failed even candidates getting 35 marks,” alleged the student.
“We approached the concerned KU officials who assured us that the results would be rectified, but they have not done so till date. Now we have asked our concerned Head of the Department to accompany us to KU to get the results rectified,” he added.
The undergrad students currently in their 4th semester at Government Degree College, Anantnag, also complained that the university had failed to declare the results of their 2nd and 3rd semester examinations held months ago.
Only the results of their 1st semester examination had been declared by KU, they claimed.
There had been a “communication gap” between KU and its affiliated colleges, which was responsible for the delay in declaring the students’ results, a teacher at one of the degree colleges in the Valley said, wishing anonymity.
“The students are the ultimate victims of such delays because their degrees get stretched beyond the stipulated time span,” he added.
While universities like Central University of Kashmir (CUK) and Islamic University of Science and Technology, which are “still in their infancy”, had been able to compensate the academic period lost due to the 2014 floods and the 2016 unrest, a KU official alleged that the “veteran” Kashmir University had failed to take a cue.
A CUK pass-out told Kashmir Reader that to compensate the time lost due to the 2014 floods, the varsity that year had later cancelled the winter vacations.
Controller Examinations, KU, Dr M Y Bhat said that the results got delayed as the colleges had not been sending the awards of the students to the varsity in time.