Boys injured in Meminder blast face tough road to recovery

Boys injured in Meminder blast face tough road to recovery
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Impoverished families unable to bear treatment expenses

Shopian: Two boys injured in a mysterious blast in Memindar area of the district last month are struggling to recover despite couple of surgeries, while their families have fallen into financial distress, and are unable to bear the cost of treatment or medicines.
One child was killed and five others injured in a mysterious blast in Memindar on July 11, a day after two militants were killed in a seven-hour long gunfight at Kundalan village, some five kilometers from the spot. While the families claim the explosive material was hurled by someone from hillside, police said the children had collected it from the gunfight site at Kundalan.
Khursheed Ahmad Sheikh’s 11-year-old son, Sahil, and nine-year-old daughter, Raziya, were injured in the blast along with their cousins.
“My son underwent three surgeries and the daughter one in abdomen. Doctors removed splinters from my son’s body and he has major damage in hand which according to doctors need plastic surgery and they told us that it will take him time to recover,” Khurseed said adding that his daughter was discharged from SMHS after a surgery.
Khursheed’s nephew, Arsalan Aslam, received eye injuries in the blast and the family says he has lost sight in both eyes.
Arsalan’s father Aslam said that the condition of his son has not improved in the month since.
“They operated upon him twice but he has not regained eyesight yet, doctors told me that they may have to conduct more surgeries on him. I hope he will get well soon by the mercy of Allah,” he said.
The blast had taken place in the family’s courtyard where the children were playing.
The two brothers say they have exhausted all their savings, and the daily medicines of the two children cost around Rs 2000 per day. They said they would not be able to continue, unless people help them out.
“If anybody wants to help, they are welcome,” the family said, adding the children are following treatment at SMHS Srinagar, SSH Sheerin Bagh and Bone and Joints, Barzulla.