Tricolor falls at BJP headquarter when Amit Shah was unfurling it, Cong mocks

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New Delhi: The Congress today took a swipe at the BJP after the tricolour at the saffron party’s headquarters fell on the ground when Amit Shah was unfurling it, questioning how they planned to manage the country when they cannot handle the national flag.

The Congress posted a video on its official Twitter handle in which the BJP chief is seen unfurling the flag, which falls down soon after he pulls the string.

However, he immediately caught hold of the string and pulled the flag up.

The Congress tweeted, “Those who cannot handle the flag, how will they handle the country?”

“If those people who have treated the flag with contempt for over 50 years had not done so, the flag would not have been insulted like it was today,” the party said.

Those that give “certificates of patriotism” to people, do not know the etiquettes of the national anthem, the Congress said. PTI