Time Management is Key to Success and Leaving an Abiding Legacy

Time Management is Key to Success and Leaving an Abiding Legacy
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An elderly man who, in all probability , could not live for more than a year, or few years at the most, goes out to his farm and plants a tree. The tree in all likelihood would give fruits many years after the man’s death. The man plants that tree even when he knows that it will start giving fruits, in all probability, long after he would be gone. Indeed, it is human to leave a legacy, in this case the tree, for generations to come, and man feels his purpose accomplished if he is able to leave a legacy in any form. In this context, if the man is told that he is going to die tomorrow he will still go to his form today and plant a tree.
Life is not about living for the self only; it is about living for the collective whole; it is about caring for the generations next and it is about; it is about, to reiterate, leaving a legacy. The one who leaves the legacy is successful and the one who fails to make any addition to the good things he has received from the predecessor generations is a failure. Nobody wants to be a failure and nobody wishes to leave the world without leaving a legacy. And, to leave a legacy proper time management and utilization of time is of paramount importance.
Time is the only thing in the world which does near absolute justice: it discriminates not and it exploits not. The rich and the poor, old and young, men and women all are made available twenty four hours of daily time. No one is given an extra second and none is given a fraction less. Moreover, a person is given either full of the time or none of it. Once the time is over, it is over, there is no concession and no reserve time that one can have. A person cannot get a fraction of a second more even if that person spends the entire wealth of the world to get it. If a person want to get less of it that person has to give up all of it, he cannot opt to get only six or twelve hours of a day and keep the rest reserved or opts to live not that. There is no such option.
Another interesting thing about time is that each person has only a fraction of it available at a given instant. This is true about a just born child and the one who has lived a century of age. The time gone by is dark and the time to come is darkness, what is visible is the current moment in which we live. There is no tomorrow and there is no yesterday; tomorrow is a hope, an expectation and when it comes it comes as today not tomorrow. Yesterday is a memory, painful or pleasant a harsh lesson or a wasted opportunity.
The greatest of men produced by the human history faced the same puzzles of time that we face. They too had available only one moment at a time and nothing more. No extra was given to them and they were not forced to have less than what they got. Alexander was ready to give up all his wealth to get some extra moments of time; Caesar and Czar, William and Wilhelm all got very less of time as per their views and they could not get even a moment more after on account of their great status, influence and power. All were helpless in fulfilling this desire of theirs.
Similar was the case with all the religious leaders and scholars, philosophers and political scientists and leaders. There was no other choice for them but to accept the decisions and dictates of time; when they were called back there was no deadline or no ultimatum that was given. In all the cases, it was efficient time management and utilization that helped them to reach where they reached and left those greatest of the legacies.
Now, the question arises how the time can be utilized the best for a successful life and how failure and failures could be avoided. The success and failure have the biggest difference in proper utilization of time and wastage of it; one who utilizes it in the best possible way is successful and the one who fails to achieve that is a failure( failure has the unique trait of wasting time). The best description of the proper utilization of time is given by in a quote by Earl Nightingale in which he says, “Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored”.
The majority of people fail to inculcate the habit of optimum utilization of time and hence successful people are in minority. This minority of successful people makes it a habit to value time and get as much work done as they can, with adequate amount of rest whenever necessary. In cultivating this habit, they fight with natural inclinations and tendencies of the human mind and body which favor procrastination against activity. But, once the habit is built, accomplishment of all the goals and objectives of their life becomes easy, very easy.
The unsuccessful keep wasting time; they count hours, days, months, and years available for doing various tasks of life but once this time passes, they are still engaged in the act of counting without any accomplishment of any task. Once they realize that they have wasted all the time, it is too late. Eventually, they become dejected and desperate and leave the world in that condition.
On the other hand, once successful people have to do something, they do it in the first available opportunity and they do not waste any time. When one mission is accomplished, they move on to complete the second and then third and so on and so forth. The unsuccessful remain stuck with the first task and never are able to complete that and if they do complete it is when the successful ones are much ahead in the race of life.
Unfortunate is the person who wastes time and the fortunate the one who makes best use of it. All the great miseries and hardships visit to the person who does not realize the value and worth of time and fortunate is the one who values time and all the good things, joys and happiness belong to that person. The stories of all the great men are so inspiring and inspirational and in each of them the best possible utilization of time is clearly depicted. Wasting time for them was a blasphemy, a sin and a crime, all in one. They dissuaded their followers to waste any time and real followers avoided wasting any.
Had these men behaved like the ordinary do, they would have been lost in the annals of human history without leaving any traces. They would have been unknown and inconsequential for the human history. But, they realized the importance of time; they acknowledged the need to leave a legacy which could have been achieved only when full use of the time was made by them, which they did. Their proper utilization of time made them the real gems and stars of human species who decorate the entire human history.
There are men who achieve many things in young life and there are the ones who fail to achieve anything even till the old age. This is for the simple reason that the young successful do work and creative work to accomplish their tasks and the old aged procrastinate all throughout their lives. The young remain awake when others are sleeping. They do not rest when the others are procrastinating. They are involved in great labor when others are living in luxury and with ease. They face all kinds of hardships and difficulties, accept all the challenges and fulfill the roles to accomplish what is to be accomplished.
Hence, it is imperative upon all the people to learn to make the best utilization of time. They should discipline their lives to get optimum out of time. Once the efforts are made to make best use of the time, it becomes easier for them to achieve great feats. There is no other way to achieve that. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time is always right to do what is right”. So , pull your socks up and start doing the right, start making proper use of limited available time.

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