HC calls for presentation of previous directions passed in traffic litigation

HC calls for presentation of previous directions passed in traffic litigation
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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Monday directed the state government to place all the effective directions and prepare tabulation of the effective orders against action taken reports passed in the traffic management issue before the court within one week.
The court remarked that the litigation with respect to traffic management in the Kashmir province has been pending before court since the year 2003.
Given the number of orders requiring the respondents to take action, the division bench of Chief Justice, Gita Mittal and Justice Alok Aradhe said, “We are of the view that before further steps are taken, a compilation of effective directions which are passed, as well as tabulation of the effective orders against the action taken reports, deserves to be prepared and placed before the bench.”
The court directed Amicus Curie Ateeb Kanth and state Counsel H. Aman Ali to jointly prepare the tabulation and place it before court within one week.
Meanwhile the court asked for the assistance of a traffic expert. The court said, “Given the fact that a very important issue relating to traffic and circulation in Srinagar and other areas has been raised in the PIL, it would be appropriate for this court to have assistance of a traffic expert.”
“The respondent shall ascertain the availability of a local traffic expert who would be able to shed light on traffic issues,” the court directed. To this direction, Advocate General D C Raina informed court that Anuj Malhotra is rendering his services on the issues relating to traffic.
The court directed that the respondents shall ascertain the availability of Anuj Malhotra to assist the court in this important matter. Furthermore, the court directed the authorities concerned to ascertain as to whether any audit of the circulation orders and traffic in Srinagar has been undertaken. If not, the respondents may also explore the possibility of any expert in this area and place their findings before the bench on 4 September, the next date of hearing.