DySP lynching case: Defence counsel objects to transfer of trial to Jammu

DySP lynching case: Defence counsel objects to transfer of trial to Jammu
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Srinagar: In response to the petition filed by the state government before the High Court in Srinagar that the trial in the DySP lynching case be transferred to Jammu, the defence counsel for the 17 persons accused of the crime on Monday filed objections and sought dismissal of the government’s petition.
Defence counsel Advocate Nazir Ahmad Ronga filed the objections saying that the petition to transfer the trial was malafide in intention.
The objections stated that the government’s petition was false, concocted, manipulated and a figment of the imagination.
The objections further stated that the accused were innocent and had been falsely implicated in the case.
“The accused have never created any problem for the trial court and have been facing the trial very patiently and calmly. If the protected witness have turned hostile, how could the accused who are in custody be held responsible,” the objections filed before the High Court stated.
“There are 17 accused persons facing trial in the DySP lynching case in District court Muminabad Srinagar. Their parents have never created any impediment, hurdles or problems in the court and the trial court has been conducting the trial smoothly and effectively although prosecution is playing all the tactics to protract the trial in violation to the right of the accused of speedy trail enshrined under the article 21 of the Indian Constitution,” the objections read. “In case the trial court of the case is shifted to Jammu it will create great inconvenience to the parents of the under trials and for the witnesses listed in the calendar of challan. Because of the stringent financial implications, the shifting of the trial would amounts to the punishment to the under trials,” the objections stated.
The defence counsel prayed that the petition of the state government be dismissed as being devoid of merit.