Archaeology department ignores ‘illegal’ construction at Madeen Sahib shrine

Archaeology department ignores ‘illegal’ construction at Madeen Sahib shrine
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Srinagar: Despite assurance by the Director of Archives, Archaeology and Museums department to stop the work on under construction community hall at Madeen Sahib shrine Hawal in Srinagar, the work is still going on at the construction site.
A two-storey community hall is being raised in the vicinity of protected monument Madeen Sahib in Srinagar. The state Archaeology Department has declared the Madeen Sahib Shrine as a Historical Monument of the Sultanate Period.
Almost 17 days have been passed but the authority did not stop the construction hence violating the rules.
According to rules of the Archives, Archaeology and Museums department, any sort of construction is banned within 100 feet of a protected site. The historic Madeen Sahib shrine is closed since long and no one is allowed to enter the premises except for those who carry official permission.
As of now, concrete pillars of the community hall have been raised at the site and work on the ground floor of the hall has been completed. Construction workers are now building the second floor.
Earlier, when this reporter brought up this issue with the director of Archaeology Muneer-ul-Islam, he gave assurance that he will look into the matter and send notice to the construction company to stop the construction, but nothing has been done so far.
The matter was also brought up with the Srinagar Municipality Corporation (SMC) Commissioner Riyaz Ahmad Wani, he said: “If the Archaeology department has objections, they should come forward. We will not act unless we receive direction from the archaeology department.”
SMC has not received any official communication from the Archives, Archaeology and Museums department. “We did not receive any kind of communication from the department so far,” Wani said.