Water-logging haunts Baghati Kanipora residents

Water-logging haunts Baghati Kanipora residents
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Sheikh Uzair

Srinagar: Residents of Gousia colony, Bhagati Kanipora on Nowgam-Pulwama road in Budgam district, are up in arms against the government because of water-logging in the area after incessant rains lashed the valley a few days ago.
According to the locals, the rain water first submerged the lanes in the colony and then seeped into the residential houses inundating the whole area. The water level, a local said, was knee-deep after the rainfall but has receded a little after the temperature increased.
“The water level has receded very much now but there are still puddles filled with rainwater and the road is not in a good condition,” said Waseem Ahmad, a local resident.
“It was a flood like situation a few days ago and there is still water in our homes. Since the temperature raised, the water level has decreased but now the left over water is emitting foul smell,” he said.
Although the road was macadamised only last year, residents alleged, that the surface has “eroded” because the layer was “too thin”.
The residents claimed that the area is not “flood-prone” and during 2014 floods the area was not “affected that much”. The problem, they said, arises when the rain water from the main road flows into the lanes.
“The level of the main road has increased with macadamisation from time to time, now even the water from the main road gets assembled here,” said a senior citizen, Abdul Hamid.
“Due to the inundation, the compound walls have tilted and developed cracks. The water is also leaking from the walls of the house,” he said.
Residents claimed that many marriage functions in the locality were postponed because of the water in the lanes and houses.
According to the Mohallah Welfare Committee, they have requested the Block Development officials many times about raising the level of the lane with thick material before macadamisation.
The committee members said that the officials from Block Development Office visited the area and assured that they will start the work soon. However BDO officer could not be contacted for his comments.