Stop Price Gouging Before Eid

Stop Price Gouging Before Eid
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There appears to be, in many places in Kashmir, a contra or a converse market effect in Kashmir when comes Eid. In other places and markets thereof, prior to festival times, dealers, store owners, shopkeepers and so on slash prices drastically in anticipation of higher demand. This , they do not do out of altruism but sheer business and common sense: low prices generate higher demand , greater volumes and hence greater profits. But, alas, in Kashmir a converse effect is observed in many or even most places. Here, either hoarding or higher prices are taken recourse to in an attempt at what is called price gouging. A highly unethical practice, it must be checked and contained. With reference to Eid, this beautiful festival is for everyone but our society, like perhaps any society is not equal economically. There are innumerable people and families who want to have a good Eid and give the best what they can to their children but they can’t afford to. Price gouging makes it all the more difficult for the underprivileged classes of our society to afford stuff for their families and children. This very fact then prices them out of the market, so to speak and renders the whole saga not only unethical but also bitterly sad. The occasion of Eid must not induce such unethical and ungainly practices, Instead, it should bring sobriety, proportion and an ethical orientation grounded in religious ethics and values to the fore. But, unfortunately, some people view the occasion as an opportunity to gouge prices and make supra normal profits, undercutting the most vulnerable in the process. This deplorable and condemnable practice must stop. Those indulging in it must realize that they are not only committing a crime but also a sin for which they are answerable to the Creator. If this introspection does not make them stop, then the administration must step in and curb this menace. One starting point would be to make price lists public and those not adhering to an found actually breaching these, be punished and their punishment made public. This would, to a large extent curb this bad and unethical practice. Eid, to repeat, is for everyone and the Eid Al Adha, through its spirit of sacrifice underscores this point, among other things. Let society ensure that each one of its member be able to celebrate Eid in its right spirit , of course, with proportion and sobriety.

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