Sehar Lone’s novella ‘Mahnoor’ released

Sehar Lone’s novella ‘Mahnoor’ released
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SRINAGAR: ‘Mahnoor’, a novella by Sehar Lone was released on Sunday here. Sehar is a student of English Literature.
“Mahnoor is a juvenile girl, who aspires to be loved, and wants to soar high but feels dysphoric and caged in an orthodox family. The only ray of hope is only her mother who assists her in almost every phase of life,” said Sehar during the book launch at Parsa’s food outlet.
“The reader will explore how Mahnoor yearns for unconditional love from her father, how far her mother ambles with her, and does Mahnoor find peace after the turmoil in her life,” Sehar added.
Being a student of psychology as well, Sehar, in the novella, tries to show the inner instincts of human psyche through the art of literature, correlating both psychology and literature.
“Being into feminism, whenever I observe women’s rights are being denied in any way, I take a stand for it in the form of writing which I consider the best way to reflect the true colours of society,” Sehar asserted.