Protecting Article 35 A Calls for an Honest and Sober Struggle but Not Politicking Over it

Protecting Article 35 A Calls for an Honest and Sober Struggle but Not Politicking Over it
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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

The practice “propaganda” is regarded as an act of deception. It is the misleading and biased information used to promote a political cause or point of view. But, propaganda was created for positive purposes. The term acquired a strongly negative connotation by its association with war and other jingoistic themes and issues. The other term that suits the above evolution is “Power”. Power can be eternal and sacred. But, power becomes a curse when associated with politics. Article 35A that is the issue of discourse after being challenged in the Supreme Court of India has become cannon fodder for vote bank politics across the board. The article in contention that accords special status to the state of J&K is going through the cruel political vendetta.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that was boasting Father-Daughter dream projects, when in power, is screaming against the abrogation of Article 35A. The party that already annihilated the limits of deception by romancing with the BJP is on the fore front to play the game of politics. They helped BJP to percolate and gain a foot hold in the valley. The BJP , in turn, launched a huge assault on special status of the state. In an effort to deceive people, they met with a brutal deception from the BJP which divorced the party at a crucial point. The power hungry party is on a mission to another sham to regain its shattered credibility. But , there are no takers to their political gimmick.
The National Conference (NC) is also in a fray to strengthen its foot print in the next elections. The party is leaving no stone unturned to project itself as a committed force that can protect Article 35A. They have a plan for the future. The special status hue and cry is a ladder to get the chair of power. Dr. Farooq Abdullah has gone one step ahead by promising to fight for the protection of Article 35A till his last breath. One can only hope that he remembers his words. But a history of alteration is associated with him. His words transform like seasons. Once in power his dialect modifies to a different tone, the tone of the elites. BJP is busy in collection of votes by supporting the abrogation of special status of the state at national as well as the state level.
As a result, Article 35A has become a source of vote bank politics. If the parties especially PDP and NC are committed to protection of Article 35A, let them shun their “power hungry” nature and stop its politicization. Let these parties launch an honest and committed struggle against the abrogation of Article 35A. Let there be a united and forceful campaign to protect the special status of the state. Actions speak louder than words. These Parties need to show a pragmatic approach rather than resorting to cruel and petty politics. Empty words can never fool people. Project a committed and empathetic leadership to win the hearts of people.

The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: