Alert on spurious drugs by central body catches J&K drug dept ill-prepared

Alert on spurious drugs by central body catches J&K drug dept ill-prepared
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Srinagar: The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has issued a fresh drug alert in Jammu and Kashmir over the recall of substandard and spurious drugs from the open market and hospitals.
According to sources, the CDSCO has asked the Drug and Food Control Organisation (DFCO) to intensify market checking and raids on suspected distributors of “spurious drugs”, as the regulatory body apprehends that counterfeit drugs may have penetrated into J&K markets after some drugs manufactured by top companies were found to be spurious in Rajasthan.
“J&K has topped the list of substandard drugs many times in the past. This has prompted CDSCO to issue a fresh spurious drug alert asking local authorities to recall all substandard and spurious drugs,” the sources said.
An official in the health department told Kashmir Reader that the DFCO has been left surprised by the fresh alert, as it was caught napping over the presence of substandard and spurious drugs in J&K markets.
“The nervousness among the officials of drug department following the drug alert by CDSCO shows the ill-preparedness among them,” the health official said.
Another official said that medicines manufactured by top companies that supply drugs to J&K were found to be counterfeit in Rajasthan.
“As a face-saver, the drug department has hurriedly called a meeting of Assistant Drug Controllers (ADC) of different districts asking them to submit their reports within a week. The department is already facing shortage of staff including drug inspectors, so it’s impossible for the district officials to fulfil directions from top officials about checking of markets,” he said.
Drug Controller Lotika Khajuria declined to furnish details about the CDSCO drug alert. However, she admitted that Assistant Drug Controllers (ADCs) had been asked to inspect drug shops and hospitals in all the districts.
“We have asked the ADCs to submit report from all their respective districts about the status of substandard and spurious drugs. Let’s wait till we compile the report,” she said.