Unlicensed drug shops rampant in Budgam

Unlicensed drug shops rampant in Budgam
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Sealed shops open shutters again

BUDGAM: Despite government ban, unlicensed drug shops are operating across the Budgam district with unqualified people running the show.
“These unqualified people issue wrong drugs to patients in the name of substitutes, which often cause harm to the patients. But all such cases go unreported in the district,” Mohammad Saleem Wani, a resident of Beerwah said.
The government apathy is also evident in its inability to regulating the business by processing the drug licences of eligible persons.
Wani alleged the business has turned into a mafia nowadays with officials and higher ups hand in glove with them.
A resident of Chewdara village said that last week the drug department came in action and sealed four unlicensed medical shops were sealed in Chewdara.
“The shops remained shut for few days and after a gap of almost ten days all shops could be seen operating from the same places smoothly,” he said.
“This proves how sincere the department is,” he added.
The drug shops, Mir Medicate, Nazir Medicate, and two shops without a name, are run by unqualified people, he said.
“How come is it possible that they can do justice with this profession when they don’t know even ABC of this business,” another local resident Shabir Bhat alleged.
He said that they have cheated people by providing sub-standard drugs till date.
“Astonishingly, all the four sealed medical shops are running smoothly,” Bhat added. “I am surprised to see them functioning without any fear and sense of accountability.”
“If they were licenced then what was the fun to seal them two weeks ago and if they are unlicensed then why should they be allowed to operate.”
Assistant Drug Controller Sub Division Beerwah, Syed Tanvir Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that they have no information about the sealed shops operating again.
“We will visit the spot tommorow and if they are found operating, we will seal them and if the shops are found open we will seal the medicines and prosecute them in court of law,” Tanvir added.