Suffering Artistes

Suffering Artistes
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Senior artistes of Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar, have expressed serious concern over the “continued degradation” of programming on the channel as it has been running 10-year-old programs rather than issuing fresh empanelment in favor of local producers. With programs, at least , a decade old, Doordarshan is presently running dry on content, although there is ample talent to draw on, if considered, and old shows need not be repeated. While the apparent reasons for this insalubrious development are manifold but , in the ultimate analysis, the price is paid by the unfortunate and hapless artistes, who become jobless and have to scout for other employment or livelihood opportunities. This constitutes a travesty largely because it means underutilization or even waste of talent rendered all the more poignant by the fact that artistes have to, for livelihood reasons , have to shift to vocations or business which are not their forte. In terms of the reasons for this general malaise afflicting Doordarshan, the main ones could be isolated to inertia and a paucity of funding, plus perhaps turf wars. Other reasons include Doordarshan’s inability to compete with the plethora of news and entertainment channels that now suffuse this particular field. But, yet again, notwithstanding these reasons, Doordarshan must take recourse to develop and cultivate organizational efficiencies and organizational development(OD) which, under given constraints, be these of a financial or a structural nature, come to the aid and rescue of artistes. It is these very artistes who comprise the life blood of Doordarshan and , generally speaking, the first priority of any organization must be those who accord value to it, even if a given organization has fallen on hard times. The same would hold true for Doorddarshan. If the real issue is of funding and also pertain to the nature of the organization, Doordarshan must pitch for funding. The pitch should be made both on grounds of merit and humanitarian grounds but above all the process should be defined by transparency unlike in the past where funding use irregularities and plain corruption has hampered the welfare of the said organization and its core constituents, its employees and artistes. In the final analysis, artistes are special people and endowed with special talent but they , like everyone else, have bread and butter needs, the want for which, they must not suffer. It is therefore incumbent upon those who run Doordarshan to look into this serious matter and ensure the welfare of suffering artistes.

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