Gulposh colony waterlogged, residents demand road macdamisation

Gulposh colony waterlogged, residents demand road macdamisation
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Srinagar: Residents of Gulposh Colony in Kanihama area of Budgam district are up in arms against the government because of water logging in the area since incessant rains lashed the valley couple of days ago.
The residents alleged that despite being only a five minute drive from the main Nowgam Bypass road, the colony has been neglected by the government.
According to the residents, the road leading to their houses has not been macadamised and the road is in worst condition. They said that the road gets submerged in the water in the rains leading to inconvenience to the people.
“Even after a small rainfall we are not able to move out of our houses because the whole road is filled with water. I have to face huge problem when I go out of my house,” said Rafiq Ahmad, a differently abled resident.
“We carry kids to school on our shoulders or we have to arrange a vehicle for them so they can be carried out of their homes,” Rafiq said.
The residents have appealed the authorities to look into the matter so that their issues could be resolved.
“We appeal the concerned authorities to please start the work on the road so that we don’t face problems during rains. Also a little drain should be constructed on the side of the road so that the rain water can be channelled towards the fields,” a group of residents said.
Officials at Block Development Office said that they have “not received” any complaints from the people so far.
“We have not received any complaint from the locals and no one has to come to our office yet. If they come to the office and give us the location we will visit the place and start the work as soon as possible,” said Mansoor Ahmad, Junior Engineer at Block Development Office.