After trials, night flights from Srinagar to commence soon

After trials, night flights from Srinagar to commence soon
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SRINAGAR: The Srinagar Airport is going to start night flight operations in coming days, after a security check trial was done on Thursday evening. The state government had given its clearance in 2016 but the clearance was pending with DGCA, a department run by Government of India, airport officials said.
“The night flights would usually take off till 8-9pm, as against the present schedule of till 5-6 pm. Today, the scheduled time for trial is 8:39pm to check if any further improvements are needed for the service,” an airport official told Kashmir Reader.
The safety check will examine various parameters and then a decision will be taken on starting the night operations. An official from DGCA will be at the airport to check the parameters, the official said.
Night operation of flights will increase the average number of 40 aircrafts flying to and from Srinagar daily. The number will be less in the beginning but with time it will go up, the official said.
The Srinagar Airport lacked additional 600 metres of lighting for the start of the facility, the land required for which was yet to be procured from the state government. The rest of the facilities had been added in previous years.
Now the Srinagar Airport awaits operations of regular international flights, which the GoI has been delaying for the past 13 years since the airport was given “international” status. At present, the airport operates international flights only during the 40 days of Hajj.
The Srinagar Airport occupies a small corner of the massive Indian Air Force (IAF) air base and is under IAF control. The airport land has actually been leased out to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) by the IAF, including the land that houses the terminal building where passengers check-in and depart. The AAI also controls the apron area (where an aircraft is parked). The airspace and runway control is with the IAF.