Poultry supplier says caught in ‘malicious campaign’

Poultry supplier says caught in ‘malicious campaign’
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Srinagar: A poultry supplier in Kashmir has found himself in the middle of a “malicious media campaign” after a dealer failed to make the payment he owed to him. The owner of Golden feeds and foods, Omar Bashir Sofi, said “a malicious media trail” has been started against him after a party failed to clear his dues amounting to Rs 34 lakh.
According to Omer, a group of persons appeared in press enclave on Wednesday and started shouting slogans against him accusing him and his firm of “cheating” a dealer. Before that a news outlet ran a story against him without taking the facts into account.
Omar said that a poultry dealer, Ajaz Ahmad, owed him Rs 34 lakh for supplying chicks and feed to them in 2016 and 2017. “The party made payment through a cheque amounting to Rs 34,80,000 on 2 February 2018. But due to insufficient funds in the account, the cheque bounced,” he said while showing a copy of the cheque. Accordingly, he filed a case under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act against the defualter.
“The party in question started doing business with our firm in the year 2016 which continued up to 2017 and during this time they booked eight hatches manufactured by Vanshu Hatches Haryana. After failing to make payment, the defaulting company claim that the chicks supplied by our firm were non-cob instead of cobs and substandard,” he said.
He questioned that if the chicks were non-cob as claimed by the party and quality was “sub-standard”, why did they book the hatches again continuously for five months.
Omer has already brought the issue to the notice Kashmir Valley Poultry Association who tried to negotiate in the matter which, according to Omer, was also rejected by the defaulting party.
“This is nothing but to create a negative image about the firm and the owner as they have failed to clear their balances. The matter is sub-judice and they have failed to prove that the chicks were non-cob and substandard,” Omer said.
“We also want to appeal the media fraternity not to pay heed to the lies of the party who have launched this attack on us under the guise of Kashmir Poultry Farmers. We have nothing to hide and have every document and receipt in our possession which proves that we are the victims and not the perpetrators,” he said.
The sub-dealer, Ajaz Ahmad, who Omar accused of failing to make payment refuted the allegations saying they were “cheated” and the supplier has filled the cheque himself.
Inspector General Crime Branch Ahfadul Mujtuba said the case is under verification and no FIR has been filed against anyone so far.